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Home Supports

Heartstrings continues assisting our graduates as they transfer their learned skills to their new homes. We ensure their confidence of the life skills they have mastered by:

  • Developing realistic goals
  • Assisting with daily chores, schedules, and appointments
  • Encouraging recreation

Persons that are “differently abled” save tax-payers approximately $44,000 per year by not living in a group home.

For more information or to make a referral, please contact our Executive Director, Sara at 651-260-0936 or send an email to sara@heartstringsunlimited.org.

Mission Statement: Heartstrings Unlimited is committed to promoting self-sufficiency of MN young adults by fostering independence, supporting individuality, and inspiring life-long skills in a safe environment.

Vision Statement: All children and young adults are active, productive, and contributing members within the community.